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All Kinds of Foodies In the World

So, I posted this originally on my Tumblr blog, and then realized it would really be a good thing to post here as well, so I’m re-blogging it here:

Oh, My! All the Kinds of Foodie You Can Be

There seems to be a sort of perennial confusion about some of the Foodie Types that a person might be.

I’m about to add to the confusion. Maybe in the process some of it will be cleared up as well.

First definition is Meat: Any thing that used to be a living animal, usually self-locomoting. I’m not sure some of the poultry sold these days was ever self-locomoting, but try to take it in stride and get my meaning anyway.

It’s worth reading the rest, so just click RIGHT HERE

winner-winner, veggie dinner 🙂

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In the Beginning… White Sugar Out, White Flour Out, Meat-Hormones Out

In the Beginning…

There was white sugar, which was bad, and there was white flour, which was bad, and there was my blood-sugar crashing in the middle of my workout, which was very, very, bad. So I said good-bye to white sugar, and to white flour (mostly), and to blood-sugar crashes mid-workout and this was very good – but I missed brownies, and cookies, and crackers, and bread. Thus began a quest for homemade goodness that would keep my blood-sugar stable and my taste buds happy. Becoming vegetarian has created even more opportunities for recipe exploration, all while keeping my (non-vegetarian) family happy. Thankfully, they are very open-minded. Here are some of our home cooking adventures… and possibly an occasional food-related rant.

Tomorrow – Brownies!

How do you manage healthy eating in your home?

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